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Use Color as an Advantage

Use Color as an Advantage

When you’re on the water angling for your catch of the day, there is no doubt that you want to put yourself in the best possible situation. One tactic that experienced fishermen often employ is to use the colors of the lures in a way that gives them an advantage over the fish. Here we’ll explore some of the great ways you can use color to give yourself the edge when going fishing.

The first thing to consider when using the color of your lure to your advantage is the type of fish you’re aiming to catch. Different species of fish may have different preferences when it comes to the colors they’re attracted to, so it’s important to take this into consideration. Generally, bright colors like red and orange are some of the best options when trying to attract smaller species, while darker colors generally work best for larger fish.

Use Color as an Advantage

Water Conditions

The environment you’re fishing in (water clarity, temperature, and light penetration) will also be a big factor in deciding which color lure is best to use. In murkier water, it’s best to opt for darker colors and perhaps even a black lure. This darker hue allows your lures to blend into the backgrounds, making them less noticeable to the fish. Dark colors are also useful for days with a lot of sunlight, where the glare on the surface of the water can be a distraction to the fish.

Changing Colors

If your lures don’t seem to be getting the attention of the fish, don’t be afraid to switch up the colors. Different water environments and water conditions can mean different preferences. So, experimenting with different colors may just be the key to getting the fish biting.

Subdued Colors

If you’re fishing in shallow, clear waters, then you’ll want to opt for more subtle and natural colors. This will help to ensure that the fish don’t see your lure as a foreign or unnatural object. The color of your lure should blend well with its environment, making it more difficult for the fish to detect its presence. Subdued colors like browns, greens and grays are good choices in these instances.

The Shine

Another factor to consider when shopping for lures is the amount of reflection that the color will provide. Shinier lures will attract more attention from the fish, even if the color of the lure isn’t optimal. If you can find a lure with both the perfect color and a good amount of shine, then you’ll be sure to be in for a good day of fishing. Just remember to take into account the environment and the type of fish you’re after when selecting the perfect lure.

Change Lures Often

Finally, don’t forget to switch out your lures often. If the fish’s diet changes, or if they’re simply being picky, then changing up the color of your lure can really make a difference. A good rule of thumb is to always have a variety of lures on-hand, so you’ll be able to switch up whenever the time arises.

Using the color of your lures to your advantage when on the water can make a big difference between coming home with a haul, or coming back empty-handed. With a bit of knowledge about the preferences of the fish you’re seeking and the environment you’re in, you’ll be able to dial in the perfect lure in no time. So, whenever you’re on the water, don’t forget to take color into consideration when selecting your lures!

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